Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Electrical Cord Safety

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates some 3,300 residential fires each year are caused by extension cords. While there are many things you can do to ensure holiday fire safety, focusing on how you utilize extension cords can be one major facet in your holiday fire safety master plan.

1. Damaged extension cords are a big issue when it comes to holiday fire safety. Extension cords that are frayed, worn or improperly repaired with electrical tape pose a great fire risk. Always replace damaged extension cords with new ones.
2. Never run extension cords underneath carpeting or other types of cloth items. If the electrical current that runs through the cord should find a way to get outside of the protective plastic coating it's housed in, these items could catch fire.
3. When it comes to holiday fire safety you should never run extension cords across areas where people walk. Not only could the cord be damaged, if someone should unfortunately trip over one that's connected to your Christmas tree, the tree could be pulled over onto a heat source candle, fireplace, etc.
4. Another holiday fire safety issue is plugs not being entirely, and snuggly, inserted into an extension cord. Sometimes the older extension cords don't accept the modern plugs correctly. As such, a gap may exist between the plug and the extension cord. If something that conducts electricity comes in contact with this area, an interruption in the electrical flow from the extension cord into the plug may occur. The electricity could then be channeled out of the extension cord and may catch something on fire in its path.
5. Another approach to holiday fire safety is to use, in conjunction with your extension cords, (or even in place of them) a power strip. You can plug multiple electrical cords into a power strip and reduce, or eliminate entirely, the need for extension cords. This is a great alternative to using multiple extension cords.

Basically these cords can be a hazard if used for extended periods of time. So use them only as a temporary solution.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sign in Germany

Total Protection customers the Daniels took a tour of Europe and took a picture of our sign in front of kehlsteinhaus it was a house built for Hitler here is the link to learn more

The other one is in front of the Parliement Building in Vienna.

Like always the Daniels will receive a free month of monitoring for taking our sign on a sweet trip! Stop by and get your sign for you next vacation.

Testing your alarm after phone changes

If you have changed your phone service your security system needs to be tested. Many times with a phone service change your security system may not have been hooked back up properly.

How do I go about testing my home security alarm system and how often should it be done ?
The manufacture says "weekly" but "Monthly" is great, but no longer than 6 month between testing. A Total Protection technician can do a full system check for a $35 trip charge or you can test it yourself by following the steps below.

Always have the central station place your account on "test"or no response while you are testing. This can be done by calling the toll free number printed on your Keypad, if you don't have a sticker call the local office 583-7233.

Arm your system and trigger a signal by opening a door or window. You will need to let your alarm ring for about a minute, when your alarm is transmitting its signal, your house's phones may not have a dial tone. Then call the central station back to verify that the signal that you sent was received.

If the communications part passed the test, now you can move onto the next part. The security system has a chime mode setting by opening and closing each contact point you can verify each door and window is being recognized by the system.

Smoke, CO and heat detectors should NOT be tested by using a match, burning paper, or other means, as that may cause damage to the units or necessitate a cleaning or maintenance. Caution should be used when doing such. Most of our smoke detectors have a test button that can be pressed some of the buttons and are recessed. If you don't feel comfortable testing your smokes and would still like them tested please call for a service technician.

Panic buttons can be tested by pressing them (please make sure you are in test first). How your system reacts to them is dependent on programming and if such features were enabled.

Once you are satisfied everything is working the way it should be, clear and reset the system to its everyday "normal" disarmed state. Call your central station and verify the proper transmission of a signal and return the system to service.

Keep in mind, by doing such an "audit" of your system, in conjunction to paying attention to maintenance details, your likelihood of a false or malfunction does go down without you knowing about it. By no means is this a substitute for servicing or maintaining your system.

Total Protection still recommends that you have your system checked by one of our service technicians each year. Call to find out how you can get additional discounts on system checks (normally $35).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to handle a false alarm.

Your Security Tips

What to Do if You Have a False Alarm

A false alarm can be a source of panic for anybody, but what happens after the system goes off, doesn't have to be alarming. Follow these guidelines for panic-free false alarms:
Remain calm so you can remember your access code and personal identification code.
Disarm your system, being careful to press each number of your access code slowly and deliberately.
Once you have reset the system, have your personal identification code ready. Call the monitoring company to report the accidental activation.
If you find the phone has disconnected, wait a few seconds and try again. Your alarm system has temporarily turned off the phone while it is calling the monitoring company. It will release the lines when its call cycle is complete. Continue to call until you have reached the monitoring company.
Remain at your home or business until you have spoken with the monitoring company.
Take the "panic" out of false alarms by preparing ahead of time:
Rehearse emergency drills with everyone in your home or commercial building.
Make sure all persons with a key know how to operate your system and how to cancel an accidental alarm.
Inform all users of who to call in the event of an alarm and to have their personal identification code ready.
Keep your security system instruction book and the phone number for the monitoring company handy.
Immediately cancel all alarms not requiring emergency response.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


The sign took a little trip to San Francisco to see Brent one of Total Protections old installers graduate from college. While we were in town we thought we would take in some sights so here we are at Alcatraz.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Door to Door Sales Crews

To our valued Total Protection customers as the provider of your home security services, Total Protection wants to alert you to a potential threat. Unscrupulous door to door sales people are visiting homes in the Salt Lake area and offering to upgrade security systems for FREE. They may even suggest they are with Total Protection or GE None of this is true.  You will be switched to a new security provider, pay higher monthly fees, Sign a  long contract and may even be putting your home security at risk.

Be wary of anyone attempting to alter your security service. Contact us at 801-583-7233 if you have any questions about your system or your coverage. If you feel like you need additional protection we can help you and make it very affordable if you are a monitored customer.

Total Protection is one of the most respected alarm companies in Utah. We have been protecting homes and families like yours since 1999. We've got you covered!

Here are some news stories that we found after a short search on the Internet. There are many companies that we have had complaints about and wanted to show some examples of the problems that we have seen.

Remember Total Protection Inc. will not be going door to door updating security systems. If you feel that you need additional equipment we can make it very affordable after all you are an existing customer and we value your business.

Once again contact us at 583-7233 if you have any questions concerning your home security.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Changing Keypad Codes

One of the most important things to do with your security system is code management. If you have not changed you code in a while (or ever) it might be a time to do so. This is important if over the years you have given out your security code. It is a new year so lets show you how to get a new code. I have this set up so under each picture is the instructions for that system. If your keypad looks different and it may. Call the office for specific instructions for your alarm. These are the four most common Total Protection systems.

To change user code on a Concord 4 alarm panel

1. Press 9, then current master code
2. The key pad should then say Time/Date
3. Press the B key one time
4. The key pad should say User Codes
5. Press the # key one time
6. Press the B key until the display says either Partition Master or System Master
7. Press the # key one time
8. The key pad should then show your current alarm code
9. Enter your new 4 digit code, then press the # key to save the new code
10. To exit out of programming press the * key until the screen says User Codes
11. Press the A key until the screen says Exit Programming/Ready
12. Press the # key one time and the key pad should show the current time and date.

To change user code on an Allegro alarm panel

1. Press 8, then your current master code
2. The key pad should then say Codes
3. Press the # key once
4. The key pad should then say Primary
5. Press the # key once
6. The key pad should then show your current 4 digit code
7. Enter the new 4 digit code you would like to use
8. Press the # key once
9. Press the * key until the key pad says Exit
10. Press the # key once, and the key pad should show the current

To change user code on a Simon 3 alarm panel

1. Open the front cover of the key pad by pressing down the small tab on the top center of the key pad, the front cover should then fold down
2. The alarm system will then say “Use the red numbered keys to enter 4 digit ID”
3. Using the red numbered keys enter your current 4 digit master code
4. On the top row of buttons press the Add button
5. Then, on the second row of numbers press the Access codes button
6. Press the Access codes button until the alarm system says “Master code” (Should only need to press one time)
7. Press the Done key at the bottom of the key pad
8. The alarm system will then say to use the red numbered keys to enter your new 4 digit master code
9. When finished entering your new code the alarm system will then repeat your new master code to you. Close the front cover to exit programming

To change code on Ademco Vista 10
Change Master Master Code + 8 + 2 + New Master Code twice (Keypad should beep)
(If this does not work panel is older version, Master Code is in location *20)

Add Code Master Code + 8 + User (3 to 7) + New Code (Keypad should beep)
(Old Vista-10's have Users 2 to 7)

Erase Code Master Code + 8 + User (3 to 7) wait 5 seconds (Keypad should beep)
(Old Vista-10's have Users 2 to 7)